About us

Bringing financial accessibility to everyone

LightRemit is operated by Inception Technology under the License granted by the Bank of Thailand. Inception is a subsidiary of Lightnet Group, backed by various organizations

Account Credits
Cash Payout Locations
Our Vision

Thailand’s largest international remittance network

Our Mission

Provide accessible, holistic, and a seamless remittance network for all

We have an extensive partnership with credible fintech companies

This enables:

Broad International Payment Network

Our network expands to over 120+ territories, inclusive to people all over the globe

Competitive FX Rates and Fees

Our FX rates and fees are comparable to the most competitive rates on the market today, with full transparency

Fast Transfer Times

With our unique network, we allow for T+0 and T+1 transfer times, depending on country and region

Our Team

The amazing team behind LightRemit

Our Story

Our company timeline


Aimed application launch date

End of 2023 is our aimed launch date for our remittance application (LightRemit) on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Raised Series A for $31.2M

LightRemit managed to raise $31.2M in Series A funding from reputable conglomerates across the Asia pacific and was featured in over 200 news articles in 7 languages and in over 14 countries, both internationally and locally.


Team grown to 100 employees

Our team managed to grow to a sizable 100+ employees across the globe, including countries of: Singapore, Thailand, United States, European Union, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Korea and the Middle East.


LightRemit founded

LightRemit founded by Inception Technology Co., Ltd. as an idea to create a financially inclusive remittance network around the globe.